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Narrowboat Windows - Style 4 - Opening Over Fixed

Narrowboat Windows - Style 4 - Opening Over Fixed

Slimline Upvc Odd Leg Double Glazed Narrowboat Windows.

Our slim upvc double glazed narrowboat windows have been specifically designed to be installed in properties with narrow wall dimensions.

Narrowboat Windows - Slimline Upvc Odd Leg.

Narrowboat Window Designs - Style 4 - Opening Over Fixed Narrowboat Windows.

Narrowboat Window Handles - White Cockspur.

Window Weather Bar - *this is required on narrowboat windows.
  • Not required if you already have a cowling cover above the window.
Narrowboat Window Double Glazing - Standard Double Glazing.
  • Overall thickness: 24mm.
  • Glass configuration: 4/16/4.
  • 4mm Toughened Glass / 16mm Spacer / 4mm Toughened Glass.
Narrowboat Window Colour Options - Standard Colours.
  • White.
  • Anthracite Grey outside / White inside.
  • Golden Oak outside / White inside.
  • Rosewood outside / White inside.
Narrowboat Window Fixing Kit - Optional Extra.
  • 38mm u Pvc fixing trim.
  • 38mm aluminium trim.
  • 53mm aluminium trim.
  • 70mm aluminium trim.
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