Slimline Odd Leg Upvc Windows

Slim Upvc Double Glazing - Our slim PVCu double glazed windows have been specifically designed to be installed in properties with narrow wall dimensions.

Slimline Odd Leg Windows are becoming more popular with the growth in demand of properties such as Garden roomsStatic CaravansNarrow BoatsMan Caves, Bespoke Vehicles and Sheds

Slimline Odd Leg Upvc Windows

Our customers have a close affinity and sense of pride with these properties and are looking for solutions that are thermally efficient, maintenance free and slim sightlines. It is also expensive to ‘upgrade’ to the latest models or versions and as an alternative a more economical way of upgrading is to refurb – this is where double glazed doors come in!

Our products is a patent approved upvc system, which has been specially designed for the properties with narrow wall thicknesses.Replacing old aluminium or single glazed windows and doors with new upvc odd leg double glazed windows and doors will not only give your property improved kerb appeal but will also have other added benefits – increased thermal performance and insulation as well as security being the most obvious advantages.

  • Slim Odd Leg Double Glazing

    Narrowboats / Static Caravans / Sheds / Modular Buildings / Bespoke Projects


    Manufactured to order from our Birmingham based factory.


    Do you require product designs that are not on this site.... please contact us.

  • Our slimline odd leg windows are always white internally.

    The standard external colours which are available on a two week lead time is white, golden oak and anthracite grey.

    If you require any other colours, we can professionally paint any RAL colour.

Slimline Odd Leg Upvc Window Dimensions

  • Always measure odd leg products from the inside. 

    Remove any internal trim around the window to reveal the existing window.

    Simply measure the existing window. If the existing window is a very tight fit or you are measuring a new aperture, you can take the tight sizes (hole size) and reduce the overall size by 5mm to allow for easy installation.

    Do not worry if you have rounded corners, these can easily squared off using a hand held oscillating saw. The corners do not need to be 'professionally squared' as the external overlap of the upvc window frame will cover the corners and therefore will not be seen.

  • Screw fixing is the most cost effective installation method, however does take more time to install.You can fix the windows and doors using screw fix through the depth of the window frame into the timber subframe of the window.

    Simply open the vent and screw through the frame into the wall. Screws are not included. At least 50mm Screws required.

    Once the window is installed, you may need to cover the internal gap between the window and the wall with a trim. You can use either a pvc or timber trim which can be purchased from us, or from any builders merchants. 

  • Fixing bars are available in either Upvc and Aluminium profiles Installed by knocking the fixing bar into the specially designed window, giving a secure clamp fix finish.

    The fixing bar then doubles up as an internal trim which sits flush to the inner wall. This is suitable for wall construction of 38mm, 53mm or 70mm. The fixing kit is an additional charge on top of the standard screw fix offering.

    You will need to seal the odd leg frame (external lip) with non drying silicone sealant or a neoprene foam tape.

  • By design, odd leg windows have a external lip on the frame. This design gives extra protection against adverse weather and is mainly used on properties with narrow wall construction.

    These buildings are normally externally clad. The window is installed from outside, with the external odd leg profile overlapping the cladding externally approx 15mm - 20mm around the perpetrator of the window (dependent on the installation measuring.)

    If using silicone, please ensure you use a non drying sealant. Neoprene tape can be installed. This gives a neater / cleaner finish. It is also a quicker install however costs more than the silicone finish.